Registration (JCC Sports)

When can visitors/spectators spend time with athletes?

Parents are encouraged to attend Opening Ceremonies and athletic competitions. However, parents are strongly discouraged from taking their child out of Games activities. By taking athletes out of Games activities, athletes miss out on social opportunities, risk missing important time with their team and delegation, and can cause security issues if they cannot be accounted for. 

What activities can visitors/spectators participate in?

Visitors must wear their spectator passes in order to receive admittance into Games venues. The spectator pass will allow visitors to attend athletic events as well as Opening Ceremonies. Visitors will not be permitted to use Games transportation, dine with the athletes at the Games hub, attend evening activities or consume food or drinks that have been provided for coaches and athletes. 

Where should I stay if I attend the Games?

Visiting families are encouraged to stay at the designated JCC Maccabi Games hotels for parents. These hotels will have schedules and directions to athletic venues and Opening Ceremonies available.

In addition to the Games hotel, where else can I find information about the Games?

The host JCC will also have this information available to you. Make sure you have a spectator pass when you arrive that will allow you into selected Games venues. If you do not have a pass, please contact your local delegation head upon arrival. Information regarding the Games is also available on the Games and host community websites.

Should I call the host city to get information about the Games?
No. Your local delegation head should be able to provide you with all the information you will need to have a positive Games experience for you and your child. Please do not call the host city as they have much to do to prepare for an event of this magnitude.

What are the North American requirements for an athlete to qualify?
Each athlete must be Jewish and have at least one Jewish parent and must be between the ages of 13 and 16 as of July 31 of the year of the Games for which the athlete is registering.