Food (JCC Sports)

Is the food at the Games kosher?

All Games are required to provide kosher meals, snacks and drinks. The level of kashrut may vary from community to community. Please discuss any concerns with your local delegation head.

Is there food available for vegetarians and vegans?

Yes. All host cities provide both vegetarian and vegan options at each meal.

Are there drinks and snacks provided for the athletes during the day?

Yes. Snacks and drinks are provided for athletes and coaches at most venues throughout the day. Athletes are encouraged to carry and keep the water bottle that they receive at orientation with them at all times and to make sure that it is filled with water. Spectators are responsible for their own food and drinks.

Is there a variety of food served each day?
All host cities work with their food and teen committees to create an appealing and varied menu for the week. Meals are healthy and promote a well-balanced diet.

Do the host families serve kosher food?

Kosher homes are available upon request. However, you must specify a kosher home when registering online. In some communities, there is a limited supply of strictly kosher homes, so please register for a kosher home only if the athlete eats only strictly kosher food. Various levels of kashrut may be requested via the online registration process.

What meals do host families provide?

Most host families will provide dinner to athletes before they attend Opening Ceremonies and on Host Family Night. They also provide breakfast.

Are meals included in our registration fee?

Yes. All meals and lodging are included in the athlete’s registration fee.