Housing (JCC Sports)

How are host families selected?

Each host city has developed a screening process they use for selecting appropriate host families. Most families are sought out from the local JCC, local synagogues/temples and Jewish groups/organizations. In addition, each local athlete MUST house at least two athletes in order to participate in the Games. Although the process may be somewhat different from city to city, all host families are researched to ensure the athlete’s safety and well being.

What if an athlete is not happy with his/her host family?

Changes in host families will not be made unless the safety or security of an athlete is of concern, or there is a medical condition such as an allergy or dietary issue.

Are athletes guaranteed to be housed with their friends?

No. The housing of athletes is very complex and, although the host city will make every effort to accommodate requests, they may not be able to do so. Therefore, requests are not guaranteed. When requesting a roommate, make sure that person requests you and that you are compatible, including allergies, keeping kosher, etc.

When will we be contacted by our host families?

Host families will contact athletes and their families to introduce themselves several days before the Games. If you are not contacted by your host family, please inform your delegation head. Do not contact the host community.

What are the sleeping accommodations that we can expect for athletes?
Each host family is asked to provide athletes with separate and reasonable sleeping accommodations.

What meals and assistance, such as laundry, can the athletes expect from their hosts?
Breakfast and some dinners will be provided by the host family. Laundry facilities will be provided, but athletes are expected to do their own laundry when needed. Host families will also provide transportation when needed.

Should athletes bring gifts for their host families?

Athletes are encouraged to bring gifts for their host families. Hosts are extending themselves for an entire week and will appreciate an inexpensive thank you. Suggested gifts include gift certificates to places such as Starbucks or a unique gift from your city.