Sports (JCC Sports)

Is my child guaranteed playing time the entire week of the Games?
Each JCC has its own policy with regard to playing time. However, all coaches are encouraged by the host city and the local delegation head to give each athlete playing time. The host’s sport chairs work with the JCC Maccabi Games Continental Governing Body to make sure competition formats promote the greatest amount of playing time for each athlete.

How many games will my child be able to play?
The amount will vary from sport to sport, but the host city strives to ensure that each athlete will compete on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during the week of the Games. Sports such as tennis may offer doubles competition to ensure that the athletes have a significant amount of playing time. 
What do athletes do once they have been eliminated from competition?
Athletes will have the opportunity to visit other venues, spend time with friends, and to observe other athletic competitions. There are also activities such as Hang Time at the Hub and exhibition sports such as NFL Flag Football, which athletes may participate in during their remaining time at the Games. Many athletes enjoy watching the finals of various sports and cheering on their own delegations and new friends.

Why can’t athletes participate in two sports?
Athletes may participate only in one sport because of concerns for the athlete’s health, issues with scheduling, and to
allow a larger number of athletes to participate in the Games.

How do we find out our child’s athletic schedule and the scores?
Host cities will make their best effort to post scores in a timely manner. Scores will be posted on the host city’s website as well as at the host city’s hub.

What do athletes do between athletic competitions?
If an athlete has time in between athletic competitions, he/she will have the opportunity to visit other venues to eat, visit with friends, go to Hang Time, or observe other athletic competitions.