Transportation (JCC Sports)

Who has permission to transport my child during the Games?
Host family members and your own delegation’s coaches over 21, as well as your own delegation head, may transport your child. In addition, drivers for the Games transportation bus system will be permitted to transport Games athletes.

What happens if an athlete misses his/her bus?
Most buses run every 15 minutes and athletes will be given transportation schedules upon arrival. If an athlete has missed the bus and must be at an athletic venue promptly, the athlete will be instructed to call the local delegation head for assistance.

Will visiting families (spectators) be able to use athlete transportation?
No. Spectators must provide their own transportation while at the Games.

How will the athletes be transported once at the Games?
The host community will offer a bus system for athletes and coaches which will allow them to take buses to their athletic venues as well as to the hub. They will be able to use the transportation system to visit venues other than those for their sport to watch their friends and fellow delegation members compete.
How will my child get to the Games?
We will make arrangements for the delegation to fly or drive to the host city.